The Space in between

You know it
You feel it
It’s almost here

But not yet

So here you are
In the space in between

It feels empty
You long for the new

But it’s not there yet

As if you are in a waiting room
In the space where ‘nothing’ happens

And when you zoom in a little deeper…

There is a longing
A deep longing for completion

For coming together
And being whole again

For the emptiness to be filled
For your life to be fulfilled

This is intangible
And yet so tangible

It’s beyond the physical
And yet about to manifest into the physical

You are challenged…

To let go of the future
To let go of expectations
To let go of the need to fill the emptiness

You are invited…

To just BE
In the space in between

So much love,


Artist of this image is unknown, found it on Pinterest.