Theme 2022: Back to simplicity

It might look as though life is getting increasingly complicated these days. But we are actually on our way to more simplicity. Old dysfunctional (inner and outer) structures are falling apart more than we’ve ever seen before. It can be painful at times (understatement), but what a blessing it is! A whole new world is emerging. A world based on life force, contributing to the wellbeing of all that exists. The heightened frequencies on our Beloved Mother Earth will not allow anything else any longer. That will become obsolete. The unnatural clouds are drifting apart and the sun starts peeking through.

It’s going to be a more pure and effortless way of being. A deeper connection with Nature, Love, Source and Divinity. If something doesn’t add to real joy, let’s drop it. As we are less and less controlled by the mind (and the mind control 😉) we get less and less distracted by the entanglements of our thoughts, judgements and resistances. Instead we’ll plunge into our hearts. Surrendering to a sovereign and authentic life that is devoted to our Souls path. Nothing else will be more important than following that inner fire.

The Change is unstoppable.
Simplicity is the way.

I wish for you that 2022 further awakens your joy, your inner strength and your commitment to Peace, Love and Unity 💖.