Theme 2023: Massive Expansion


When I tune in on 2023 I see a few things. First of all a strong attraction to Mother Earth. A feeling of being more grounded. Like there is lead in your feet, which keeps you steady and stable. Secondly I see an immense field of white light flowing into the crown chakra. A huge expansion of your connection to the multidimensional realms. I get the image of little doors and windows opening up in the area above your crown. New information from different high dimensional areas is flowing into your field: advanced healing technologies, fascinating new knowledge and increased telepathy. It might surprise you now and then. Unexpected and impressive at the same time. Then I also see a spiralling movement from your crown to your feet: it represents the integration of those new multidimensional keys and codes into the body and your earthly daily life. An enormous upgrade is awaiting you. I see explosions of light in the heart. Joy, bliss and excitement. “I made it!”

Words that come up: inner core stability, vertical alignment, flexible in any situation, autonomous and self-reliant.

My vision won’t resonate for everyone. It depends on where you are on your evolutionary path. The more you know that your external reality is a reflexion of your internal reality, the more you feel that you are the creator of whatever you experience in life. If you live accordingly, my vision for 2023 might very well resonate with you.

Some worldly happenings in 2023 might not look all too exciting and stable, but your reality depends on how you deal with it. Seeing any situation as an invitation for growth is how you propel yourself into a radiant loving human being with expanded awareness.

Much love for you in 2023 ❤️.