Re-Union, Welcoming your Soul to Live in Union

Sometimes you might wonder, is this hustle and bustle of turbulent energies EVER going to end?

At home inside of yourself
This dynamic time is a pivotal part of your integration process. You are clearing the lower frequencies to make space for the higher frequencies to automatically come in. You are preparing your body (mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically) for your light / your soul to fully arrive into your body. You are cleaning your house now to be able to welcome your BIGGEST friend, the love of your life with open arms, to stay with you forever. Yes, your soul is patiently ‘waiting’ for you and subconsciously guiding you to be ready, so that it can merge with you. That’s when you’ll feel completely at home inside of yourself.

Diligent work
You’ve decided quite a while ago that the house that you used to live in, didn’t match your preference anymore. Besides you noticed that it could be cleaner than it was. So you started to diligently work on making your house exactly how you wanted it to be. And you are still in that process. Cleaning forgotten corners and shelves that you haven’t looked at for ages. You’re giving the rooms a new color, one that fits more to your present liking. You’re replacing old dusty pillows for now cosy ones. The dried flowers that have lost their color are being replaced by sweet smelling new ones. You clean the windows to let the sun rays lighten up your interior. You mow the lawn and sow seeds where it had become a little bold.

Living in peace and union with your soul
Gosh, it’s a lot of work! But you keep on going because you know that you’re making space for your soul to come in, so you can live together as one. Oh, it’s going to be so beautiful and clean and peaceful! Even though it’s hard work now and sometimes you feel exhausted, you know why you are doing all of this! Sometimes you are taking a break and you are just fed up with all the cleaning and redecorating. But after a while you automatically feel that you truly want to welcome your precious friend into your house. So you pick up the work again and continue with a refreshed dedication and commitment. You know what you are doing this all for! To live in peace and union with your soul, your BELOVED! How exciting is that. Living together in harmony, peace and joy, what a feeling of freedom…

This is the time for the soul to fully merge with your body.
Inner Union is on the verge of becoming a lovely reality in your daily life.
This is your mission.

So much love,


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