Suitcase Drop-off Point

After traveling for quite a while now, you’ve arrived at a point where you realize that your suitcase packed with your countless belongings is becoming more and more uncomfortable. It slows you down, feels too heavy and costs quite a bit of energy. You cannot go to the places where you’d love to go to, because that suitcase is just too big and inflexible.

You’ve become more adventurous
Yes, you’ve changed big time. Your traveling preferences have changed too. You’ve become more adventurous and like to just take a jump and dive into the unknown. But that suitcase… It’s not working any longer. The cloths inside are too big and you don’t like the artificial fabric anymore. The food that you carry in the suitcase doesn’t feel nourishing. And all those communication devices… Why again did you need all of those? Haha, that is soooo outdated!

A suitcase that keeps you in a suitcase!
With this suitcase you can only travel to certain places. That was enough in previous times. Yes, that already felt like a big adventure back in the days. But wait a minute, now your suitcase keeps you in a suitcase! That ‘old’ world has become way too limited for who you have become on your journey. Wow, you’ve grown so incredibly much! You don’t need any travel schedule anymore. You just know that the path will unfold as you go. You love to connect and meet new people. Your view on the world is opening up. You can now see 360 degrees, instead of the tunnel focus that you had before.

Traveling light
So here you are with a big smile on your face. You’ve arrived at a drop-off point where you can leave your suitcase behind. It is a special place where countless suitcases are being dropped off now. They are being recycled here. ‘You just leave it here, we take care of the rest,’ is what the sign says. ‘We are working in service of you. We know how it is to travel light, so we have created this drop-off point for you, so you can travel light as well!’

Your heart is filled with joy and full of gratitude. They are so sweet and helpful! You don’t need to worry anymore about what you need to do with all your stuff. You’ve finally found a place where it is taken care of. Oh hallelujah!

So with a big smile you place your suitcase in the dedicated area, receive big hugs, cheering remarks and there you go! A whole new world is awaiting you! You’ve now stepped out of your own suitcase-world and are free to travel far BEYOND!

A whole new journey
You feel light, uplifted and in total trust that what is about to come your way is so new and so exciting! You are starting a whole new journey. A journey of discovering new worlds, new people, new places, new ways of living, new inspiration, deepened sense of love… new everything!

You are now ready to move BEYOND.
BEYOND anything you’ve every experienced before.

The last sign says:
‘Enjoy your journey.
Love will guide you.
We’ll meet you along the way.’

Much love
– Sandra –