Unity Code behind the scenes

Unity Code | behind the scenes

[September 1, 2021]
Today I measured the Bovis value of the Unity Code and of water that I charged with the Unity Code. Find out below how you can do so yourself as well.

[August 31, 2021]
The Unity code design is now sent to India so they can start the production of a sample for the meditation mat ❤️.

Please find the following on this page:

  • Introduction
  • A few minute story (recording) about Pacha
  • Your feedback
  • My own experiments
  • Channeling about the Unity Code
  • Suggestions for use
  • Possible 'side effets'
  • Measuring the Bovis value of the Unity Code
  • Downloads
  • Your feedback is welcome


After several years of energetic pregnancy (starting on October 9, 2016), I gave birth to my multidimensional child named Pacha. I will refer to him as a boy, even though I know that he is a being in whom the masculine and feminine are merged as one. Nevertheless he appears to me as a boy. It is his sacred mission to assist humanity with the transition into the next phase of ascension by expanding your consciousness and raising the frequency of your physical body (making it more crystalline). Therefor Pacha shows himself in the earthly realms in the form of a code: the Unity Code. This Unity Code is a multidimensional energetic transmission of Unity Consciousness or Heart Consciousness in the form of a written light code.

A little story about Pacha:
Below is a recording in which I share a part of the 'Pacha story' that I shared during one of the RELEASE & RELOAD transmissions.

What do you experience?
I've worked with the Unity Code in one-on-one sessions, group transmissions and did a lot of experimenting myself. Now I'd love to hear about your experience too. You can for example charge your water with it, place the code under your bed, stand on it and/or meditate on it. Read more about that below.

Soon I will have different products available that contain this Unity Code. In a few weeks for example I will receive a sample of a meditation mat, made in India. The Unity Code will be embroidered on the mat with gold colored thread. Besides I'm working on some other products as well. That way it will be easy and effortless to work with this code in your daily life.

Your feedback is very welcome

If you want to participate in this experiment, I would really appreciate your feedback on (some of) the following points:

  1. How do you use the Unity code? What is your favorite application?
  2. What do you experience in your body/energy field?
  3. Which keywords describe how this Unity code works for you?
  4. Which Bovis value findings have you measured (if you know how to use the pendulum)?

Email me here.

My own experiments

Below I share in what ways I've experimented and I a few of my findings.

a) Meditation - sitting on the code
I put the code under my meditation cushion and meditate (30 min in the morning and 30 min before bed). During this meditation I scan my body for certain sensations (= small tensions) in different places in my body (e.g. throat, abdomen, lower back). It seems to me that the Unity Code makes it easier and quicker to spot the sensations. It has a sort of spotlight function. Subsequently I bring my attention to that specific place in my body and it automatically starts moving and disappears. Sometimes it helps to make a simple sound (or light language), so that the sensation can move even more easily. I often yawn a lot during this process (more than during any other meditation-practice).

b) Standing on the code
I put the code on the floor and simply stand on it. During my one-on-one sessions I had a lot of people stand on the code and it shows: you can feel wobbly. That doesn't mean it's not right. Just stand there and imagine your cells opening all the way to let in the Unity code. My interpretation is that wobbling could be an expression of (subtle or less subtle) resistance to receiving the energetic transmission. Stand on the codes for at least 1 minute, but also see what it does if you stand on it for 5 minutes or longer. Just think of it as a standing meditation :-).

c) Placing the code under your bed / mattress
Since I've started putting the code under my bed, I experience all kinds of things during my sleep. Among other things, my sleep and dream time is changing. I place the code on the ground under my heart area or my feet. Under my head is still a bit too intense (I then stay awake).

d) Measuring the Bovis value
Please read more about this further down this page.

Maybe you have other ideas of hoe to use the code. I'm curious :-).

All your feedback is valuable. I really appreciate your experience. That way I can get an even clearer picture of the effect and different applications of this code.

Feedback | Channeling Mantid beings (by Esther van den Wildenberg)

Esther van den Wildenberg is a dear friend and colleague of mine. She channels several ET races and many other precious beings and masters. I sent her the Unity Code with the question: Would you like to feel what this code does to you? I didn't tell her anything else. Instantly when opening the code the Mantid beings came through. This is an ET race that look very much like the praying mantis.

Below you find the recording of the channeling (in english start at 1.17 min) and further down this page you find the transcription of it.


Transcription of message from the Mantid beings (via channel Esther van den Wildenberg - www.sanistrella.nl).

Esther: “Hello dear Mantid friends. This is a code passed on by Sandra de Vos. She channels light language amongst others. What do you sense? She calls it the Unity Code.”

Mantidoids: “Here we speak once again. The Mantidoids are very very impressed by this specific code. It is not a code that just comes from an ET race. It is as if all the ET races benevolent themselves in a togetherness as if they all unite and bring this particular creation. As if this symbolism is telling you: all the ET’s are aligned these days. There is no longer good ET’s and bad ET’s. The ones that were considered not so kind in the past are more and more moving towards the light. And the ones who have been light for a long long time and were actually a bit looking away from the dark are actually now more open to embrace the darker races and allow them to come closer and approximitate white flagging behaviors, you could say.

We are very much appreciative of this code. We would really love to see what it does for you and your clients if you give them especially little little ‘visitekaartjes’ [business cards / little cards], little little notes of them. So everyone can put them in their wallets, can put them underneath their water glasses to charge the water. To carry them in their bras if you are female or unless you are a male and you like to wear bras. It does not matter. We mean to say, you can put it in your pocket. It is very important to carry this symbol where ever you feel comfortable at.

It brings a very very kind charming glamour over your field as if it tells you everything is stable, everything is alright, everything works according to divine source light plannings, divine timings. There is nothing that can go wrong. It is a comforting tool. It is a very very helpful suggestion to come into deep peacefulness inside yourself.

You sensed something yourself, dear one [Esther]. When your heart opened very very expanded, very very bluntly almost because you were not fully prepared for what you were going to see. Your body reacted with a big shock effect as if you felt: 'Ooh, this was a very deep, profound exercise into a next level of my presence.' We are very grateful for this kind dear, kind dear colleague or friend of yours who has been giving through this particular message. The codes as I said before are not just mantidoids. They are not just other types of races or cosmic beings. They are a united race, you could say. I understand very well that Unity code gifted to this code. It covers the charge very very well. I believe there is no race who would not agree that this is a very powerful tool for further ascension.

There might come different codes your way still. It might be as if this is a foundation for different Unity codes that have different subsets and topics you could say. As if there is a Unity code to integrate masculine and feminine energies. There can be a Unity code to transmute darker energies into light. It can be different types of subsets that might still be coming to you. The Mantids really serve you gladly.

In case this code is a bit too strong on you, you can also decide to cover it up with a very very thin layer of a very very thin milky paper that you don’t fully fully see the symbols. However I believe after a little bit of time of exposure to it you will gladly gladly experience that it will start to soften because your body takes it in as something very positive. We are very very glad that we came in to serve you well. This code is a very very special one. It is a gift from God, you could say. Greetings for now the mantidoids serve you well.

In case you feel, I want to experiment with this code, start by taking it in with water. Put it underneath a glass of water. Let it charge you up and before you go to bed you drink your water or just the first thing in the morning, you drink this water. It has been charging all night then your bodies and your cells and the membranes and the contents of the watery parts of your cells can slowly slowly slowly but surely get more and more accustomized to this very very very brave and benevolent geometrical shape, we could almost call it. It is as if it is alive. It is breathing with us as we look at it, gaze at it, measure it, tone with it. We see that different parts of it step out as if some parts come more to the front. Other parts go a bit to the back. The inner circle is very very peculiar to us it seems to shrink and become wider. The outer circle serves as a ring of stability. It does not shrink and expand as much. The middle middle smaller circle does. It is a breathing circle you could say. As if it can adjust itself to the ones who are receiving it. Greetings for now, the mantidoids are very excited and we love to also work with this dear kind channel. I believe we already do. Greetings for now. The mantidoids serve gladly.

Suggestions for use

There is a wide variety of ways to use the Unity code. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sit on the code (meditation)
  • Stand on the code
  • Place the code under your bed / mattress
  • Place a water bottle on top of the code
  • Charge crystals on top of the code
  • Put the code in your pocket or bra

If the Unity code has an intense effect on you, start slowly integrating into your daily routine. For example: 1) stand on it. 2) charge your water. 3) sit on it (meditation). 4) place it under your mattress. 4) carry it in your pocket.

Possible 'side effects'

Based on my own experience and that which others reported to me:

  • Body temperature fluctuations
  • Changes in sleep rhythm
  • Changes in your dreamtime
  • Emotional release
  • Dizziness
  • Sore muscles
  • Intense colored urine

These are also called ascension symptoms ;-)...

Measuring the Bovis value of the Unity Code

If you have experience with dousing (in Dutch: pendelen), you can test the Bovis value of the Unity Code. Below you find some guidelines on how this process works. I'm not going to reveal my findings, because I'd love you to experiment yourself.

What is a Bovis value?
The Bovis scale was developed by two French scientists: Bovis and Simoneton. Bovis values can be measured with a Biotensor or a pendulum. The Bovis value is a vibration number of a living being, object or product. A measured value higher than 6.500 Bovis means that the subject, object or product gives energy and will strengthen your. A value below 6.500 Bovis can drain energy and weaken you.

Below you find the Bovis meter to download (in both English and Dutch). I didn't create them myself, but found them on the internet.

You could measure for example:

  • The Unity Code (printed version).
  • Water. First measure water that has not been charged. Subsequently, place a cup of water on top of the Unity Code and let it charge for 60 minutes. Then measure the charged water. What's the difference? And what's the difference if you let the water charge for a longer time (i.e. 1 hour or a whole night)?
  • Your own energy field. This is my own idea. It doesn’t really matter if it is perfectly correct. This is especially meant to see the difference between sitting on the code and not sitting on the code. Place your hand on your belly and keep the intention in your mind that you are measuring the bovis value of your energy field. Next, do the same thing while sitting on the Unity Code.
  • A crystal. First measure the crystal that has not been charged. Subsequently, place the crystal on top of the Unity Code and let it charge for 60 minutes. Then measure the charged crystal. What's the difference? And measure the charge of the crystal again the next day. Has the Bovis value dropped?

Here are some measuring guidelines:

  1. Place a hand above the item whose value you are going to measure.
  2. Hold the pendulum in the other hand, a few centimeters (an inch) above the outer circle of the printed version of the Bovis meter (see downloadable version above).
  3. Start at 0 at the top. Gently move the pendulum along the line while it keeps spinning clockwise. When the pendulum stops spinning clockwise and starts swinging in a straight line to the center of the Bovis meter, you've found the value.
  4. Repeat the process to confirm correctness.
  5. If 18.000 is not high enough, then you continue counting with 1,000. So 1.000 becomes 19.000, 2.000 becomes 20.000 and so on.

Your findings
I'd LOVE to read your findings. Just simply email me with your results. It's not about good or bad and I'm of course not going to publish your results. It is simply for me to see what everyone is finding here.


Your feedback is valuable to me

Feel free to email me about any of your experiences. I'd love to read it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you ❤️.