BLOG: Egypt Sacred Alchemy Journeys

Egypt Sacred Alchemy Journeys | Nile Cruise | Great Pyramid | Black & White Desert | Temples | 2023. Egypt is Calling. And we, Sandra de Vos and Ariëtte Love, are só excited to share with you the itineraries for our TWO, brand new, upcoming sacred alchemy journeys through Egypt. We will be travelling through this sacred land - with its rich and ancient treasures - starting the first journey on October 31st of 2023 until November 10th. The second trip will be from November 18th and completed at November 27th. The first Egypt journey is called ‘Soul Nourishment on the Nile’. It includes (amongst others) a 5 day private Nile Cruise, Hathor temple in Dendera, Seti I temple in Abydos, Westbank and Eastbank in Luxor (tombs and sacred sites in Valley of the Kings and Queens, Temple of Thoth, Hatshepsut), Luxor temple, Karnak complex with Sekhmet chapel and Osiris shrine, Philae island in Aswan, with its Isis temple and Osiris gate. The second Sacred Alchemy journey through Egypt is called ‘Cosmic Stargates in Deserts, Pyramids and Crystal Cave’. This one we includes (a.o.) a private visit into the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Cheops), a private visit into (and actually underneath!) the Stepped Pyramid of Saqqara (a.k.a. Djoser pyramid of Sakkara), Serapeum, Unas pyramid, 3 days with 4x4 adventures in the Black & White desert, as well as experiencing there the potency of the powerful ‘Djara’ Crystal Cave of the Crystal Mountain and sleeping underneath the stars at night, Wadi el Hitan, Tell el Amarna - the City of Light founded by pharaoh Achnaton – the Red and Bent pyramid of Dashur.