HEALING the Brazilian Rainforest light code transmission

This transmission took place on Thursday August 22 with the focus on tuning in, joining forces and facilitating the healing of the Brazilian rainforest which is now experiencing massive wildfires. Let’s send loving vibes and high frequency energy to ‘these longs of the world’ and its beautiful people, precious animals, plants and trees.

Recording + Light Code Script
You will find a bit further down below this page:

  • Preparatory information if this is your first transmission with me.
  • Recording (SoundCloud & YouTube)
  • Light Codes Script that came through after the transmission.
  • Suggestions for taking care of yourself after the journey.

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If you are new to these transmissions, please read this BEFORE listening:

While listening to the recording of this transmission, you’ll automatically connect to the high vibratory healing field that emerged during the live session. The effect is just as powerful. In the realms of light codes and light languages, there is no time and space, so you can listen to this whenever you want.

Make yourself comfortable

  • Use your headphones / earphones and plug them into your laptop, tablet or phone, so you can me hear me clearly.
  • Create a comfortable space for yourself where you can relax and won’t be disturbed. Lying down on a bed or sofa assists you in deep surrendering. You can light up some candles for yourself too.
  • Make sure you have a blanket on hand in case you experience warm and cold sensations.
  • Wear comfortable clothes; loose pants or a skirt. Warm socks are also recommended.

Some explanatory words
In preparation for this online transmission, I’d first like to share some things with you. Great if you give it your attention before you listen to the replay.

Laser light beams
You can see this online session as a transmission moment of high frequencies from other dimensions. As if you were under a shower of light. The sounds you hear, also called light languages and light codes, dance through you as energetic light laser beams. This does not always have to feel comfortable. With the reception of these higher frequencies, automatically hidden aspects (lower frequencies) in your being are exposed and loosened up. Those lower vibrational energies then no longer fit into an increased vibrational environment. Think of it as an energetic upgrade of your whole being and at the same time a great cleansing of that which is ready to surrender to the light. Some people call this a cosmic vacuum cleaner process where, on the one hand, high frequencies are blown into your being and on the other hand all the dust that comes loose is being picked up. Exactly that which is ready for transformation is included in this process.

Cosmic microphone
Initially, a transmission like this can seem overwhelming. It often sounds like a big chaos of sounds. For me, at the moment of the transmission, it feels like we are part of a cosmic gathering and are surrounded by a large diversity of light beings, from different cosmic realms. They have gathered around a symbolic microphone (‘I’ am that microphone) and are ready to share their wisdom, codes and messages with us. Hence that chaos of sounds, as if they all speak together at the same time.

Short circuit
It may be that your mind experiences ‘short circuit’ and does not understand what is going on. This happens because the energetic information is transferred to you without your mind being involved and can feel thrown out of work or sometimes even bored. This is all part of the process :-). It challenges you to surrender as much as possible to what your mind does not know and to trust that the energy upgrade is received with open arms by your higher consciousness.

Allow, accept and surrender
The moment you feel uncomfortable, it can express itself in many ways. Your body may feel restless or your thoughts fly in all directions. It can help to focus your attention on your body. Place one hand on your belly, one on your heart and breathe in and out consciously. In addition, it can be unconsciously seductive to move along with the trains-of-thought that pass by. Before you know it you have stepped into a train and you become the thoughts. Every time you become aware of it, you step out of the train and let it move by. In this way you become detached from the thoughts, as if you were releasing yourself from the thoughts like a sticker. The thoughts then automatically decreases in strength. This way you can keep a stable ground under your feet while it can feel uneasy around you.

Multidimensional intelligence
The energies that are transmitted via the various sounds in this transmission are very powerful. You can listen to it as often as you want, follow your inner guidance. The sounds have their own multi-dimensional intelligence, so ‘they’ know what is needed in your energy field. Surrender (as much as you can) and let the ‘work’ be done. Every time you listen to a transmission, you might have a completely different experience.

Recording (with intro)

Recording (without intro)

Recording (with intro) – on YouTube

Light Code Script


These light codes came through after the transmission, supporting your transformation process that will continue for a while. 

The symbols are a vortex in themselves and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity. You can print the script, stand on it for a few moments and experience how you react. You can also place the prints under your mattress for additional support, or place your water bottle on top of it to charge it with high frequencies. Please use your inner guidance and experiment what works for you.

Read this AFTER listening to the transmission:

Taking care of yourself after the transmission
It could be that your mind is going all sorts of ways now. “What actually happened? What can I do with the experience? How can I hold on to the feeling (or not)?” We have traveled to other dimensions where all kinds of harmonizations have taken place. In those dimensions your thoughts do not exist as you know them here. Your mind has no idea how to deal with this. Let your thoughts and stories simply move, without clinging onto them or believing in them. You cannot possibly rationalize what cannot be grasped in logical words.

The light codes have caused your being to shake up old programs, old energy. Various channels have been opened and cleared. In addition, your cells & DNA have received light frequency updates. And that process will continue for a while. This means that old stored energy can now be felt as tension, because it is coming to the surface. Lying and listening to a guided meditation or refined music can help to relax that tension. Surrender as much as possible to what your body tells you. Lumbering, sleeping and relaxing effectively contribute to the integration process. That way the light can further descend into your body.

So whatever you feel right now, tomorrow and the coming days, allow the energy as much as possible to move as it wants to move. Do not stick labels and leave the stories behind.

Drink lots of water (coconut water is even better). Vegetable juices /smoothies for extra vitamins and minerals are also recommended, because your body now uses extra nutrients. Your being can use some loving support.

Thank you for participating!

I am curious what you have experienced and how you feel now or the following days. Please contact me if you like to share it, I’d love to read your response. And if you have questions, please let me know.

So much love,