Meeting with Master Merlin | Light Code Activation

Recorded on: Sint Pietersberg, Maastricht - the Netherlands

The Light Code transmission assists you in maintaining and regaining alignment with the high vibrational version of you, your multidimensional self. The sounds facilitate you in clearing your mind and brightening your energy field.

Find Light Code script below

Further down below you find the page of Light Code script that comes with this Light Code Activation. It is a tool to help integrate the cosmic sounds.


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Light Code script

The Light Code script supports your transformation process. The symbols are vortexes and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity.

Below you find a page of Light Code script that I wrote for this transmission. You can print it and place the print under your mattress or place your water bottle on top of it to charge it with the high frequencies. Use your inner guidance and experiment what works for you.