My name is Sandra de Vos. A journey of discovery, that’s how I experience life. Curious about the magic that connects everything. With a deep knowing that with patience and trust this magic will gradually unfold.

Some people call me a shaman, others see me as a sound healer, a channel, a healer, a soul activator, an intuitive, a metaphorical storyteller, a catalyst, a cosmic dancer or even an energetic vacuum cleaner. If you mix it all together, I think you’ll get close to describing what I do. Read more about me here.

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  1. Das berührt sehr tief….. bedankt !!

    …und machte gerade so ein starkes Fernweh, to think about, to sell the House, buy a Caravan and go with my wife, to follow our dreams and inspirations…

    I found you from MARAYA…, she send us a Link to you.

    Thank you,

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