Remembering UNITY Consciousness, this came trough during the 7/7 portal transmission.

In this video I share the experience that I had during the Online 7/7 Portal Transmission that we did with a group of people on July 7, 2019. The theme was: ‘Love is in the air’. While cosmic sounds and light language came through via my voice, I went (like all participants) on a profound journey. I’m sharing this, since I truly feel that the energy ‘work’ that happened in this session is very beneficial for everyone in the collective.

What I experienced has touched me greatly. During the introduction in the first minute or so, I decide to share the journey in a way as if you were part of the group that was participating in this transmission. So when listening to this video, you can choose to lie down, close your eyes and join me in the journey that I share. I wrap up the video with some light language.

We are living in such a precious times.
Things are moving.
Something is about to unfold
We are remembering to live in UNITY again.
ALWAYS CHOOSING LOVE – that’s your divine mission.

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