Transmission Partial Lunar Eclipse

Below you find a 19-minute audio-transmission + two pages of Light Code Script that assist you in releasing dense energies that are now ready to let go of. I was strrrrrongly guided to make this recording today. So here it is :-).

Energetic Vacuum Cleaner
I feel there is an old collective gridsystem collapsing these days. One that was very persistant. So yes, we are being shaken to the core, but more space is being created for higher frequencies to come in! So deeply rooted energies that are not serving us any longer are now easier to be released. The image that I got while recording this transmission was a huge vacuum cleaner hose that is receiving the lower frequencies with a big smile: “Bring it on, I’ll transmute it back to source!”

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Light Code Script

Below you find the two pages of Light Code Script. If you feel like it, save them on your phone. You can also print them, stand on them, place them under your mattress and/or put your water bottle on top of it. The symbols are a vortex in themselves and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity.

Print this Light Code Script in PDF
Print this Light Code Script in PDF