Transmission: The Rise of Atlantis

This Light Code transmission video (below) contains deep rooted insights and transformation about The Rise of Atlantis and the healing of the trauma of the Fall. In a extensive blog I share my experiences and insights of the last years and these present days around this subject.

The shower of sounds might help you to go back to your memories and soften, brighten, heal, release what is ready to be reconnected with Source. Listen to it with an open heart and your soul, so that the healing frequencies can re-activate, re-store and revitalize your cellular memory.

Light Code Script
The two PDFs with Light Codes Script below also came through to share. The symbols are a vortex in themselves and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity. You can print the drawings or set it as background image on your phone. Carry the drawing with you, sit on it during your meditation and/or place it under your mattress at night.

Print this Light Code Script (PDF)
Print this Light Code Script (PDF)

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