Work process

Work process

A multidimensional journey through your subconscious

First of all: it's 'quite a challenge' to wrap words around an intangible transformative process in which 'I' don't do anything else but receiving and transmitting energy. In the words below you can get a glimpse of how I experience the sessions that I facilitate. Most importantly: let's drop any expectation and be open to the messages of your soul. Because it's your soul who is in the lead, revealing your inner treasures.

During a Multidimensional Soul Journey we travel together through your subconscious. I take you to other dimensions, where low frequency energy can merge with the light. That which was hidden in the shadow is illuminated and welcomed as part of the whole. The blurring blindfolds are gradually taken away; the limiting layers of your mind that influence the experience of your inner and outer world. You experience the connection with your heart being restored. You can feel an effortless lightness descend into your body. Resistance makes way for surrender and that strengthens the trust in creating your life guided by your inner compass.

A journey through your subconsciousness

During a Multidimensional Soul Journey your subconscious shows everything in your emotional / energetic being that wants to be brought into balance at this moment in time. Blockages such as unprocessed emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs rise to the surface. You can see me as a tour guide taking you on a journey through the landscapes of your own emotions and energies. Whilst being deeply connected to the earth, a 'stage' opens up and forms a safe and trusted base on which old hidden energies are invited to expose itself. 

"You can see me as the voice of your subconscious that doesn’t refrain from sharing the truth, as I’m here to facilitate you in experiencing your true essence. That’s at the heart of my work."

Cosmic sounds and light language

That which has been hidden (usually for a long time) can now come to the surface and is observed by me through all my senses. By allowing these energies to flow through my body they get the chance to express themselves and merge with the light. This happens through light languages, sounds, metaphors and body movements. Pressing resistance dissolves and makes space for the flow of love. In this way old programs and emotions can be overwritten by new harmonious and constructive energy.

Transformative energetic treatment

I perceive lower vibratory energy as energetic 'knots' in deep layers of our being. As a multidimensional vessel, a refined and profound healing energy from higher dimensions flows through me. This light/energy is guided through my body, hands, third eye and voice to the right places within you, with the accuracy and focus of a laser beam. This unravels the knots and allows the energy to flow resulting in you experiencing a sense of peace, relief and freedom.

"A laser beam of light with an accurate and refined focus dances through your body and mind. It loosens the solid ground and allows oxygen and sunlight to enter, preparing you for fruitful and refreshing new beginnings."

Profound activation process

This process moves through to your innermost being and activates your DNA. It strengthens the connection with your blueprint allowing your soul mission to be gradually revealed. Old blocks and their associated emotions lose their power and fall over like dominoes, allowing your life force to take over and move effortlessly through you.

Bubbling and sparkling with energy

Everything essentially is love and that is the base of a Multidimensional Soul Journey. In the course of time, layers have been draped around our experience of love, as whirling dust particles can slowly dull a once shiny surface. The time has arrived for you to regain your innate radiance. Experience an open and joyous heart, bubbling and sparkling with energy, ready to fully live your life.

The purpose of this big cleanse is for you to reconnect with the love in your heart. You can feel as if the spiral of life can start moving again. Stiffness transforms into flow. That which was blocking the way makes space for new opportunities and possibilities to enter your life. The space once occupied by old energy is now filled with new life force energy making you automatically and effortlessly attract appropriate solutions and new developments you wish and long for.

"That which was blocking the way makes space for new opportunities and possibilities."

Your subconscious invites everything that appears in your life, even though that seems unimaginable and / or unacceptable at times. The more your subconscious is in harmony with your mind, the more of this same harmony you’ll attract in your life. As within, so without.

Light Code Script

During almost every session I write Light Code script. They support your transformation process.

The symbols are powerful vortexes and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity. You can print the pages, stand on them for a few moments and experience how you react. You can also place the print under your mattress for additional support, or place your water bottle on top of it to charge it with the high frequencies. Please use your inner guidance and experiment what works for you.

The combination of methods

As the essence of my life is allowing things to unfold, in my sessions I do exactly that. There are no fixed frameworks or methods as every session is unique. Your energy automatically indicates what you need most to be able to get closer to your inner self. Sound healing, inner child healing, regression, rebirthing, light-body activation, family constellation, soul retrieval, DNA activation, kundalini-awakening; for me it’s all part of one and the same process of regaining and strengthening the connection with your essence. Pieces of your master puzzle fall into place.